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Dr. Chalmers has been treating people of all ages for well over a decade. In that time it has become clear that the need to deliver fresh, authentic, high value nutrition to his patients was critical. Due to this need and the fact that Chalmers Wellness has patients all over the USA the need for an easier way for people to ensure that they got the needed nutrients the CWellStore was born. Now packaged sets, designed by Dr. Chalmers, could be put together and a discount added to them. For the patients and the friends and family of those patients can get the supplements and nutrients they need to ensure their health. If you are a member of the Chalmers Wellness Group page at you can receive discounts on topics on a weekly basis.

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How The Store Works

CWellStore works by partnering with the actual manufacturers to ensure that all supplements and nutrients ordered are not only the actual products requested and not counterfeit products but are the freshest possible. Many online supplement retailers and several set up with have been found to be fake. While this is bothersome with clothing from these retailers it can be hazardous to your health with supplements. Freshness counts and to ensure that these supplements have not been sitting in a hot warehouse for extended periods of time we have them shipped directly from the manufactures. This ensures safety, authenticity, and freshness, however, it might mean your products come in separate packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

CWellStore does not utilize its own warehouse space. While this means that CWellStore does not make as much money it also means that supplements do not sit around on shelves exposed to heat, time, sunlight, and other damaging factors. The supplements are sourced directly from the manufactures thus making the products the safest and the freshest possible. If you are a member of the Chalmers Wellness Group, Facebook group you can also get discounts on sets and individual products on regular basis.

Not all online stores care about the health and wellness of the people that are buying their products. For this reason several affiliate sites, like those on, have been caught selling fake supplements. They look just like the ones that come from the manufacturer, however, they are not the same product. Often times the capsules are filled with a powder that is the same color and consistency as the real thing, however, it is not the product you purchased. Other times the amount of the desired nutrient is mislabeled to save costs and increase profit to the online affiliate. This deception is hard to determine and one of the main reasons that the CWellStore was set up.

CWellStore sources directly from the manufacturer. While this ensures freshness, safety, and the highest level of quality control it also means that we cannot send products in the same box.

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