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Dr. Chalmers

He holds degrees and certifications in Health and Wellness, Doctor of Chiropractic, Certification in Clinical Chiropractic Neurology, Certification as a Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, Certification in Spinal Decompression for slipped and herniated discs and holds a level 3 certification in QRA testing. Dr. Chalmers and the team at Chalmers Wellness has been working with patients to ensure their health since the beginning of 2007.

Shortly after 2010 while working with a patient in the clinic Dr. Chalmers realized that many people were not being taken care of in a holistic manner.  This meant that if someone was not actively sick and feeling terrible then they were being told they were healthy.  The issue with this type of sick management care was that it allowed health in the body that was slightly off to go until it was serious, or life threatening, instead of addressing it early and fixing it sooner.

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Many of these issues are easily addressable, however, due to the current model of health care are not being worked on.  Because of this we are seeing over half a million heart attack deaths a year.  We currently see hormone levels in both men and women at critically low levels.  Sleep apnea is damaging hearts, brains, energy levels, and quality of life.  Stress is ravaging lives and destroying families.

Since July of 2010 Dr. Chalmers and the team at Chalmers Wellness has been working tirelessly to determine the best course of action to guide people through in order to combat stress and bring balance back to the body.  This balance will ensure the highest quality of life for the longest quantity of time.  This is done in a holistic method bringing the best of eastern medicine and western medicine to bare on the very serious health issues addressing us today.

Over the last decade the team at Chalmers Wellness has built a protocol and timeline for addressing many of the issues that tear down the body.  The CWellStore was designed specifically to help with getting supplements and detoxification products to people all over the US.  You can also order blood labs for yourself or to work with your doctor straight from the site.  For information, tips, and discounts join our group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChalmersWellness/