Pillars of Wellness

True wellness requires the entire body be cared for on all levels. This requires a continual journey and the path is an individual one. Regardless of the difficulty we neglect this at our own peril.


Leo man

Many of the issues we have with our body including pain, stiffness, athletic performance center around not just if we move but how we move. Even if the body isn’t moving, like sitting at a computer, the muscles in the body are still being activated. This is how issues like text neck or computer posture are created. Focusing on the way we use our bodies can make significant difference in how we feel now and in the future. Athletic performance is just how the body moves turned up to the highest level.



The body has very specific chemical needs whether those be nutrients that build the body up, maintain the immune system or calories to provide fuel. Everyone’s body is just a little bit different so finding the proper path is critical for each person. While most of us have a common starting point the truly reach our goals we have to figure out what makes us all special and lean into that.


Friedrich Nietzsche

The mind can be the greatest asset we have or it can be our greatest enemy. Learning to control your mind is a lifelong process but one of the most important things you can dedicate yourself too. Your life, your body, and your character are all based on your psychology. Truly who you are and how you are is based on your mind. The ability to be and do anything is based on how you think. To own your world you have to own your mind.



No-one stands alone in this universe. We are tethered together by a powerful unseen force. This force can be measured by the pain we feel when we are isolated and alone. This force is the reason you can tell someone is starring at you from across a room. This is why you feel a connection to someone more if they are sitting in a room with you vs on the phone. This is how and why we have intuition about people. This force is what we have called spirituality for several centuries, but it is a measure of how we act and interact with other people around us.

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